Tuesday, April 7, 2009


They say 'the days go by slowly, but the years go by fast.'

For me it's more like the minutes and hours (especially those in the wee hours of the morning) go by monumentally slow, but the months are just flying by. My little baby is six months old.


Dear Pumpkin,

You're six months old now and, honestly, I can't remember my life without you. You have learned so much during the past few months and have brought us so much delight. The list of things you can now do includes:

-pulling the cat's hair (much to my delight)
-rolling over (back to front) in both directions
-grabbing hold of EVERYTHING and putting it in your mouth
-sitting up (with assistance)
-pushing up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth
-sleeping for up to seven hours at night
-eating cereal (several times a day).

Your favorite thing to do these days is play in your exersaucer. You will play until your are so tired. Sometimes I think if I leave you there long enough you'll probably fall asleep standing up. You also like going for walks, playing in the front yard (probably because you get so much attention from the neighbors), and hanging out in your rocking chair in the kitchen. You have a ton of really great toys (expensive ones), but you'd rather chew on a a plastic bottle or the tag on a pillow, t-shirt, or other object. You are easy to please!

The past week has really had its ups and downs. You started biting me while nursing about a week ago. I got REALLY mad (and hurt) and developed an infection. The infection and my anger bothered you and you went on strike. It was frustrating for both of us. You finally gave in on Sunday and woke up EVERY three hours all night long to catch up on the calories you missed. I was exhausted, but so happy that you're eating again. I was worried you would stop nursing all together, which is not part of the plan.

After last night, I would say you are an AWESOME sleeper. You slept from 10:30pm to 6:15am, but this isn't the norm. Although I'm not expecting tonight to be the same, I am so grateful for a wonderful night of sleep. And am looking forward to the day when I can expect a good night of sleep on a regular basis.

All in all, its been an amazing six months. I'm a little sleep-deprived. And I miss snacking on trail mix and would love a scrabbled egg or some ice-cream. The sound of you laughing in your crib each morning makes up for it all. I melt each evening when you put your head on my shoulder before (or during) falling asleep. I love seeing your smile at the end of a long school day. I long that a hug and a little TLC will turn your big pouty lip into a giant smile. I love that you're a little bit of a mama's girl and will cry when I leave the room or take off for school in the morning.

Your two little teeth may be sharp, but they are beautiful and make your smile all the more adorable.

I love you more than you can imagine.

Love, Mama

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