Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I remember a couple of years ago my mom mentioning to me that she had just realized that she had spent the majority of her life married to my father. That means more years married and part of a couple and less years a a child, teenager, and single adult COMBINED. This isn't surprising (or really note-worthy); my parents have been married for more than 30 years. However, sometimes when we take the time to think about these types of things, we realize that significant life changes have occurred.

I recognized one of these changes in my own life during the past 24 hours. On Monday night, I finally got a new cell phone (pictured here). I've needed a new cell phone for quite some time. I resisted getting a new phone for two reasons: 1) I didn't want to have to reenter everyone's name and number in my directory; and 2) I didn't want a fancy phone with a key board, camera, or a flip. I just wanted a stinking phone I could throw into my bag.

When I learned that cell phone companies can transfer your phone directory electronically, I opened up to getting a new phone. And when David found a simple, non-flip phone on the internet, I realized I was ready to purchase a new one. So that's what I did. My new phone arrived Monday and after my doctor's appointment on Tuesday I stopped by the cell phone store and had my directory of names and numbers transfered from my old phone to my new one.

What doesn't transfer from your old phone to your new are your speed dials. So this afternoon I spent some time reprogramming my speed dial numbers. This is when I noticed the change...

My old cell phone was more than three years old. When I bought it, David and I were merely dating and he didn't deserve a speed dial spot. I believe I added him as my #8 speed dial right before we were engaged. My first three speed dials spots were reserved for my family... the home phone was #2; Dad's cell #3; and Mom's cell #4. As I was programming my phone I realized that my first speed dial spot should be reserved for my husband. So David moved from slot #8 to #2 (#1 is for my voicemail and that cannot be changed).

It was a monumental change moving David's spot. He is the most important person in my life, and the person I tend to call most often (although my mom is giving him a run for his money these days!!). For emergency purposes, he should be at the top of my speed dial list, too. But it is a shift in perspective. It made the reality of soon to be expanding family more real. Although we are part of my parent's family, we are building our own as well. But unlike three years ago when David hadn't earned the right to be high on my list of speed dialees, things have changed - significantly. And my comparing my list of speed dialees from three years ago to today shows that changes have occurred.

Mom and Dad, don't worry. I'll still call home. You still have slots #3 and 4.


Stats: went to the doctor yesterday. Everything is good. I've gained a total of 12 pounds since my first doctor's appointment and the baby's heart-rate is strong and rapid. I'm carrying the baby extremely high - to hear the heartbeat, you have to listen near my rib cage. I am suffering from some serious ligament pains in my hips. Hopefully swimming and stretching will keep the pain under control. We're still expecting Baby Dawson to arrive on September 27th.

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