Friday, June 20, 2008


One would think that at six months pregnant I would be concerned about organizing the baby's room and mapping out a birth plan. However, I realized yesterday that the focus of my organizational need is school. In January 2009, I'm planning to take my comprehensive exams. This amounts to three full days of testing: day 1 is a closed book exam, day 2 an open book test on the computer (statistical programming), and day 3 is a take home. It's a big undertaking and since the test is offered only once a year, I would like to pass on the first try. Knowing that the later part of September and most of October (and possibly November) are going to be spent learning how to care of a baby, I decided I should use the time I have now wisely. So... I'm starting to study for my comps.

Step 1 of my study plan was to check out a book from the library (Rothman's Modern Epidemiology) and start outlining the ENTIRE book (I'm currently on page 17 or 682). Step 2 was to organize my study area at home. I completed this step yesterday. I organized all of my test books on my bookshelf.

And organized all of my notes, flashcards, and readings from class in 3-ring binders.

I rearranged our office - to make it a little bit more user friendly - and am getting ready to hang some pictures on the walls to make it a more inviting study environment. I'm really pleased with the way the room is coming together. And since my stuff is now organized (and off of the floor where it was collecting dust), I think I am ready to start studying.


Tonight: David and I have the first four hours of our child birth class tonight. The remaining eight hours are on Sunday.

In the Washington Post: a front page story of swimming. Check it out!

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Jill said...

Yeah, I've been there. Feelin your pain. Sounds like a smart strategy to start studying now. Do you know any older grad students? Would they allow you to borrow their outlines and notes? That's what we did. Made comps studying much easier. You might just want to check and see.