Friday, August 24, 2007


This being my last week of summer vacation, I decided to do some things I probably won't have time to do once school starts on Monday. One of those activities was cleaning out my closet. In addition to throwing away/donating two garbage bags of clothes and shoes, I also found (in the far, dark corner of my closet) my favorite pair of jeans. Now, you might ask yourself "why are her favorite jeans hidden in the back of her closet?" and the answer is quite simple... I should have thrown these jeans away at least two years ago. There are three holes in the seat of the pants - two of those holes are three inches long. In addition to the holes, the jeans are about to fray in the knees and the bottoms are shredded. They look ratty and are inappropriate to wear in public, but I love them. I have been holding out hope that they will miraculously fix themselves.

Not wanting to get rid of these jeans once and for all (especially not when I'm heading back to school and it is okay for me to wear jeans), I turned to the only resource I thought could help... the internet. I googled the make, size, and style of my favorite jeans. And after over an hour of searching, I found an ebay vendor who was selling a pair of my favorite jeans. Without hesitation I placed a bid! The auction ends on Monday. So far I am the only bidder. With any luck, I will have in my possession in the next couple of weeks a replacement pair of my favorite jeans. If I win the auction, I will throw my old jeans away.


Jill said...

Fantastic! Isn't ebay great??

Sarah said...

Beck, I REMEMBER those jeans. Awesome you found another pair.