Monday, August 20, 2007


We returned home to DC last night after much drama at the airport in Taipei. We're still not sure what happened and are so thankful to be back home (24 hours early no less). More details about our airport woes later. I haven't had the time to go through the 300 pictures we took while in Taiwan, but did want to get some of my favorites online. We had a wonderful trip...

As I noted in my last post, it rained almost the entire two weeks we were in Taiwan. Here's a picture to give you some idea of the amount of rain we had.

Uncle David playing the Wii with Andrew and Matthew.

David and Robert battling it out during an intense game of Wii tennis!

Lucas, a loyal 10-month-old Steeler's fan in Taiwan.

Our family...

The menu at a BBQ restaurant in Taiwan. You just point at the fish you'd like and they'd prepare it perfectly for you. We had about six dishes at this restaurant. The squid and the shrimps were my favorites.

And one of my favorite sites in Taiwan... Did you know that the Promised Land is in eastern Taiwan? Well, according to this sign on the highway it is!


Anonymous said...

We are so happy you made it back safely-reading your posts has been very entertaining-lol!
Mrs. S

rooter said...

So glad to have you guys here. It was great catching up and showing you around. Andrew and Matthew are still asking about you.