Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So...we bought a house. We closed on Thursday evening and moved on Saturday. The house search was easy. We visited about a dozen homes in early July. David fell in love with 'our house' the moment he walked in the door. I needed about 24 hours and visits to a handful of other houses before I was ready to say 'this is the one.' So... we own a home. No more living in a one-bedroom apartment. No more living below ground. No more washing clothes in the smallest washing machine ever (more details about my new washer and dryer to come!). No more rent!

Our house is fantastic. It is a lovely DC row house about a block and a half from the metro (it took me 4 minutes to get to the station this morning and this includes the precious seconds I took to kiss David good-bye). It has three bedrooms upstairs and a finished basement (with laundry room!!). The laundry room is about the size of my small bedroom in my Capitol Hill apartment. We have a little backyard and we will need a lawn mower. And the best part (especially for two people who have lived nearly 20 cumulative years in basement apartments) is that we have a sun room and a front porch. I sat outside and read my TIME magazine yesterday and watched the sun set behind my neighbor's house. It was delightful!

My parents were in town for our big move and were so helpful. My dad vented my new dryer, changed our locks, moved furniture, packed the truck, and (most importantly) drove the 14 foot moving truck through the narrow DC streets. My mom cleaned everything, made sure both of our bathrooms had toilet paper and hand soap, met all of our neighbors, made several trips to the grocery store for snacks and drinks, and helped get everything organized. I could not be more grateful to them!

Chai moved in on Sunday and has adapted well. Yesterday I found him sprawled out on our bed basking in the sunshine in the morning. In the afternoon, he found comfort on the bottom of our bookshelf.

As we unpack the remaining boxes, await the delivery of my new desk, and pick out new furniture, I'll be sure and keep you posted. And for all of you non-DC folks, we now have a spare bedroom - please come and visit.


Jill said...

Which metro stop do you live by? How far is the nearest Starbucks? CVS?

Congratulations on your new home!

Did you get your jeans?

Becky said...

We're at the Georgia Ave/Petworth Station. Not sure about the distance to either a CVS or Starbucks, but new 'luxury condos' are going in across the street from the metro. I'm guessing there will be a Starbucks in less than a year.

And, yes, I did get my jeans. They haven't arrived yet. I'm hoping they'll be here today.

Sarah said...

YAY BECKY AND DAVID! I'm so happy for you guys. Owning a house is so special, in my opinion. You can really make it "home." We're definitely coming to visit. Can we bring Libby? Maybe she and Chai will be girlfriend/boyfriend and we can leave her at your new house forever and ever. PLEASE!!!?? Post pictures!