Sunday, March 31, 2013


Only picture taken on Easter.

C stayed clean for about 2 minutes after getting his best clothes on; K did a little better. We took a bath at 4:30pm and were in bed at 7:15. K was asleep for about 45 minutes before I heard her coughing in bed. Unfortunately it wasn't a cough. She was throwing up. To complicate matters, D was on-call so I was single parenting and K (for the first time in forever) went to sleep in her room. She woke up screaming and covered in vomit. Miraculously, I managed to get her and all of her bedding out of the room under the cover of darkness without waking C.

Lessons learned: take pictures before leaving home in our best clothes; never eat hard boiled eggs for dinner; and cherish every moment - the good and the not-to-good.

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