Saturday, March 16, 2013


DC Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon.

I wasn't planning to run this spring's half marathon (or marathon), but when I was a free race entry was offered I couldn't turn it down. And I am so glad I didn't...

Aside from the fact that several of the water stations were poorly staffed, the race was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and there's nothing better than running in your hometown. I wasn't properly trained for the race. I had a good 30 days of training prior to the race, but I definitely didn't have the endurance to PR. And I had no idea the course included the hill out of Rock Creek Park onto Connecticut Ave. This hill is a butt-kicker. I hate running it while training and avoid it at all costs. Including it in a race -- in the first half of a half marathon and first quarter of a full -- is just cruel. I struggled up to the top of the hill, but I never stopped to walk. Not on the hill; nor at the top to recover.

I had two goals for the race. First, finish in under two hours. The second was to enjoy running in my hometown.

This race was likely my last in DC as a DC resident. My last hometown race in DC.

It was a run for me. A huge confidence boost.

Next up... another half in May. Goal: finish in under 1:50.

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