Monday, February 4, 2013


Today is my seventh wedding anniversary.

Yes, I got married on 2.4.6.

I should take the time to reflect on the past year and remember all the good times we had together. However, we're in the midst of a c-ray-zee time here. For those of you in the know, we have a huge decision to make this week. I'm not sleeping; not getting anything done; not thinking about much else.

I'm grateful that we have seven years behind us. I'm grateful that D is a good listener; is supportive of me; is willing to think about change.

Happy Anniversary to us. We had a great wedding seven years ago. We've had a great seven years of marriage. We have a monumental decision to make this week that will likely change the next seven years of our marriage.

Heaven help us!

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Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary!