Sunday, February 24, 2013


Winning bid.
We won this bowl at the silent auction we attended last night. We paid more than I wanted to for it, but it was worth it for many reasons...

First, it was SO much fun being all stealth and stalker-ish watching the bid sheet as the auction came to a close. With five minutes of bidding remaining, we were not the highest bid. We upped our bid one last time with two minutes to go and prayed that the other bidder would not notice that we had outbid him/her. When the auction staffer came and circled our winning bid, I was excited.

Second, it is a beautiful bowl.

Third, it is handmade and we had the privilege of meeting the maker and his wife before leaving the auction.

Finally, this bowl is made of wood from a red oak tree from the Franciscan Monastery that fell over the summer during a storm. We had our wedding reception there and have always loved this spot in DC - beautiful gardens, buildings, walking paths. As we prepare to leave DC this summer, we're excited to have a little bit of the Monastery to take with us.

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