Monday, August 20, 2012


Marathon training is going well.

On Saturday I met up with my running group a little late. I started off slowly and started catching the group around mile 2. I ran solo for about three miles. When I approached the trail that runs along the Potomac by the Watergate and Kennedy Center, there was a group of runners and bikers stopped along the trail. I thought I saw someone in the water. As I approached, I did see someone in the water. He was a leisurely biker just in need of cooling off. He appeared safe in the water an the police were in route. So I took off running again.

I started off with another runner, who I found is also part of my running group. He is a nine-time marathon finisher and Boston Qualifier. We ended up running the remaining 11 miles together. I picked his brain about everything from nutrition, training, pacing, and what races to run if I want to set a PR.

With all the chit-chat, the miles flew by. And before I knew it we were sprinting our final half mile.

It was a great 14 mile run.

With two great long runs under my belt these past two weeks, I am ready for this coming Saturday's 18 miler.

Bring it!

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Becca said...

You are totally rocking the marathon training, congrats! I am glad the running group is working out well for you!