Monday, June 25, 2012


This past week I participated in The Welcome to Summer Virtual Run. I ran both the 5K and 10K races. I figured it was a good way to get in some mileage and some speed. It also allowed me to set a baseline for my marathon training. I figure I will run a 5K and 10K again at the end of July, August, and September.

Both of these runs were completed in temperatures greater than 80* and with high humidity. At the end of the 10K, I had sweat dripping from every part of me. At the end of the 5K, I was a little whoozie. I sprinted down a hill to end the race and it knocked me out; too bad I didn't 26 minutes.

Next time...

My next 5K is on July 4th; the Firecracker 5K.

I've also set goals to break 50 minutes in the 10K and 1:50 in the 1/2 Marathon distance this summer. All in route to a marathon PR and sub-4 hour race in November.

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J. said...

Good job! I remember feeling like I was going to barf, running past a hot dog stand at mile 6.0 of the 10K.