Wednesday, December 21, 2011



-- Two great days of running (a 5 miler with D on Monday and another solo yesterday evening).

-- Jokes... on our Monday run, I said to D, "Look deer" (as there were a family of deer just a few miles off our running path). His response, "I'm looking at you, dear." Sounds stupid, but it was SO funny at the time.

-- K made a necklace out of pipe-cleaners with my mom. She walked into the living room wearing said necklace and proclaimed, "Look! I'm a fancy girl." Where does she get this stuff?

-- Two full nights of uninterrupted sleep (10-6ish).


-- K wetting the bed last night and no clean sheets available. Nor were there clean pajamas. She ended up sleeping in a shirt on a stack of blankets in her bed (after much crying and protesting that sleeping without pants was wrong). Laundry is currently being washed.

-- A sore throat. I have been denying for days I may be sick, but I don't think I can blame my sore throat on dry air any longer. It hurts to swallow coffee. I'm going to tough it out one more day. Then I am going to hit up an urgent care clinic (since I don't have a PCP).

-- Our car. Many of your know I have owned my car since college graduation. She is nearly 12 years old and has 106,000 miles on her. Unfortunately, her remaining time here on earth is limited. In order to get her to pass inspection, we had to replace the rear right break and some major engine piece ($700). We are praying she will live through the winter and into the spring/early summer time. D and I are planning to begin new car shopping this morning. Any suggestions for a fuel-efficient family car?


Holiday week plans:

Today: car shopping. We're looking to test drive several cars we've been thinking about and learn more about prices, options, and financing. Also hoping to get another run in - three consecutive days - and a trip to Target and the Post Office.

Friday: family friends are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We are all going to share in the celebration!

Saturday and Sunday: observing our family Christmas Eve and Christmas traditions (more on this to come as I want to create a list of things we do from year to year to preserve and document our family traditions - old and new).


Also of note: today is my birthday or Candy-cane Celebration as Jill likes to call it. My 33rd year of life was likely the most noteworthy, busy, exciting, and truly GREAT years of my life. I'm working on a highlights post. More to come...


WASPY GIRL said...

Happy Candy Cane Celebration!!! You did have a truly monumental year. And that is great about the sleeping. I can't wait for the day A. can sleep til 6!

WASPY GIRL said...

P.S. I can't believe Janice has outlasted the Jetta. I remember when you first got her. (We did get a new car, but Janice is still parked outside our house...keeping the neighborhood looking classy!)

slowly growing old together said...

The Jetta is not dead yet. Just on her last leg. And since we are a one car family of four, we need something a little newer, safer, bigger, etc... The whole process of buying a new car is crazy complicated. We need something fuel-efficient since I drive 25 miles each way to/from work. However, we need something that comfortably holds two carseats, can be parked on the street (we don't have a parking spot), and will grow with us as C & K get bigger. Any suggestions? What do you guys have?

WASPY GIRL said...

Josh is now driving a 4Runner, which doesn't sound like it fits your needs. I choose not to drive it for the most part, but he gets a starry look in his eyes every time he talks about it, so whatevs. I do like it--just hard to hoist kids and infant seats into by myself.

I am still driving my '07 Camry, which I do recommend highly. She is fuel efficient and has 120,000 miles on problems, just routine stuff. She's also very comfortable to drive, which is great for the long commute. And it hauls around the kiddos, no problem.

Are you driving out to Man*ass(as?

Sarah said...

Happy Candy Cane Celebration! I love our 2006 4Runner (although we may succumb to THE MINIVAN if we have another-yikes). John drives a Camry which, like Jill's, has been an amazing car. Good luck!