Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: LOOKING BACK (through the eyes of K)

This morning as I made a video of K singing happy birthday to her god father, I realized that we made a similar movie last year. It was so much fun looking back on the exact same activity one year ago. K has grown so much. Not only is she taller, but she her vocabulary and enunciation has expanded by leaps and bounds. I am so looking forward to making the happy birthday video again next year and looking back on this year's and last's videos. Having this little time capsule got me thinking... And I decided that I want to track a list of K's (and some year C's) favorites on an annual basis. I look forward to seeing how she changes, grows, and learns throughout the years.

At the end of 2011, here is a list of K's favorite things (in her own words):

Book: Share and Be Kind

Game: cards (specifically the CareBear card game at my mom's house)

Song: Hark the Herald Angel Sing (video performance forthcoming - love hearing a three year old sing "God and sinners reconciled")

Animal: Elephant

Food: "pasta. Actually pizza."

Color: green and orange

Outdoor activity: "go park"

Indoor activity: decorate trees and playing

iPhone app: doodle buddy

Favorite Christmas gift: crown (from my mom bought at the dollar store - pictures forthcoming)

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