Monday, June 6, 2011


This morning I had a normal check-up with my OB. I got to the office 10 minutes early and ended up waiting 30 minutes before being seen. Typical.

I was weighed (gained 5 pounds in the past month); peed in a cup; and went to get my blood pressure checked.

They put the cuff on my arm, and BAM...


That is super high.

According to the NIH, prehypertension of systolic blood pressure is 120-139; higher is greater than 140. Diastolic hypertension (stage 1) is anything greater than 90.


I spent considerable time talking with my doctor about my diet, stress level, and activities. Then I was left to hang out on my left side for awhile.

After a short while, my blood pressure was back to normal.

And they let me go home.


My last blood pressure reading was 97/68. I'm on the lookout for a host of symptoms indicating my BP is too high. If I have any of the said symptoms, I will head to the ER immediately. Other than the BP-issue, I'm healthy and so is Joel.

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WASPY GIRL said...

Oh, no! Time to treat yourself to a massage :)

P.S. I'm on vacation now, but you and K. are welcome to come out and visit ANY time. I should be around for most of the rest of the summer.