Monday, May 30, 2011


Baby "Joel".

On Friday, at 21 weeks 6 days pregnant, we got our first view of Baby #2. K has proudly named this little one "Joel". We're not sure where the name came from (possibly a shortening of her friend Nigel's name), but the baby has been Joel since before Easter.

There is a bit of pressure to name the baby Joel, if the baby is a boy. We'll have to wait and see... Joel is healthy and is weighing in at approximately 1 pound. He/she looks much the same as K did when she was born. His/her resemblance to D is remarkable!

In response to the most common questions we've been getting...

1. We do not know if it is a boy or girl and we do not plan to find out. Note: I believe we're having a girl; my dad feels the same way.

2. I am due October 2.

3. Yes, that is basically K's birthday. I am already praying against a shared birthday for our kids and a hospital stay that overlaps K's birthday.

4. I want to VBAC; Carla is my inspiration!

5. We have not chosen names yet, and we do not plan to share our name(s) until the baby is here and officially named.

6. Like last time, I plan to take the metro to the hospital to deliver.

7. We still need: an infant car seat (our first was destroyed in a fit of cat envy/anger after K's birth), a crib, a double stroller, and a new pump.

8. We are looking to sell a double jogging stroller, a single jogging stroller, a changing table, and some other odds and ends we don't need this time around.

9. We need to paint K's room and make the room ready for two kids. Yes, our kids are going to share a room. It is a giant space and we like the idea of our kids sharing it for a couple of years. We're planning to make our office a little more kid-friendly --- maybe with a new bookshelf for kids books and some seats/lighting for family reading time.

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WASPY GIRL said...

That is an amazing picture of Baby Joel :)