Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Will you marry M?"

Wedding flipflops created by Becky L.
Five years ago TODAY D asked me to marry him.

We dated for nine months before getting engaged.

We each have a specific "Ah-ha" moment, in which we knew the other was the one.

For D the moment he knew I was the one came after a long and stressful week of work. We had made plans to spend Friday evening together, but he was exhausted and in need of some downtime. Knowing that an evening of activities was out of the question, I suggested that we order pizza, drink a beer, and watch TV or a movie together (at the time I was living in a Capitol Hill apartment with FREE cable - a total luxury for both of us). D was excited about my plans. More importantly he felt like I understood what he needed after a long week of work, and he was appreciative of my willingness to just be and relax with him.

For me the moment I knew he was the one came about two months after we started dating in March 2005. I mentioned to D that I was thinking about running a marathon. He quickly responded with, "then let's train and run the Marine Corps Marathon together in October." I was thrilled that he thought we'd be together some seven months later and that he wanted to do something crazy like run a marathon together.

In September 2005 we traveled to South Carolina to spend a long weekend at the beach with my parents and aunt and uncle. On Sunday morning we headed out of a medium-long run on the beach. It was a hot morning and about 1/2 hour into the run we were both hot and tired and in need of some rest. We started to walk. D went ahead and told me not to look until he said so. When instructed I walked over to where he was and there written in the sand was the message:

Will you marry M?

M? Who the heck is M?

D quickly moved in and changed M to ME.

In the heat of the moment he made a grave spelling error. I quickly answered yes to his proposal. He quickly slipped a blinkie ring - costing $0.50 at the Capitol Hill Safeway - on my finger. My actual engagement ring did not ship in time for D to get it before we left for South Carolina. I, however, was thrilled to be engaged and was in love with my blinkie ring. It blinks, for goodness sake.

We spent nearly an hour just enjoying our engagement by ourselves. We then went back to our beach house to share the news with my parents. My father knew about D's plans, as D had talked to him earlier in the week. My mother, however, was totally caught off guard. She quickly switched modes and began planning and baking cookies with much joy.

The night of our engagement, my aunt and uncle prepared a wonderful meal for us - complete with pecan-encrusted salmon. We shared champagne and wedding/marriage stories/advice with each other. The evening ended with my uncle putting on a wonderful fireworks display for us on the beach.

Five months after our engagement, we were married...


Sarah said...

Happy day to you both! That's a great story.

WASPY GIRL said...

Awwwww...You and D are so cute!