Monday, September 13, 2010



1 high speed rail trip (1.5 hours);
1 taxi ride to a hotel;
1 night in a Taipei hotel (more on our swanky digs to come);
1 shuttle bus ride to the airport;
3 airplanes (Taipei to Tokyo to Detroit to DC);
2 metro trains; and
1 leisurely walk with two suitcases, a backpack, two carry-ons, a computer bag, and a stroller

we are HOME.

More than 25 hours of travel (thankfully broken up by a glorious night in a swanky hotel).

All of this with a toddler, who did NOT have her own seat on the airplane.

We had a wonderful time in Taiwan visiting family and enjoying everything there is to enjoy about Taiwan (highlight: all the yummy food). Many stories and pictures to come.

But for now... bed. I haven't slept in 25 hours and more than likely K will be up around 3am.

Here's to getting over jetlag quickly....


Sarah said...

I am incredibly impressed by your bravery. I can't imagine entertaining Ben for 25 hours of travel, especially since he NEVER sleeps when we go anywhere. You GO girl!

slowly growing old together said...

I would not recommend it. K did surprisingly well. We're all exhausted. She slept until 3pm this evening and then fell asleep while we were changing her before her bath. I expect she'll be up for the day around 3am. Jet-lag sucks more than the trip itself.