Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Dear Service Staff at Sendell Motors,

On Sunday we were driving along the PA Turnpike when all of a sudden our car's temperature gauge went off the charts and the alarm sounded. We pulled over only to find a coolant leak; it sounded like a sprinkler inside our engine. A very nice mechanic in Donegal PA took a look at our car and towed us to your garage.

On Monday at noon you had fixed what we thought was the problem - a cracked housing and faulty sensor. A simple test drive later, you diagnosed a broken water pump and recommended that we replace the timing belt and some other parts while repairing the pump. You also told us that the technician who test-drove our car thought our transmission might shot, too, as the car seemed to have trouble going into third gear. We agreed to all of your repairs and replacements and then waited. We hoped fixing the cooling system would fix all of our problems and that there was no a problem with the transmission.

We waited one day; and then a second.

This morning you called to let me know everything was fixed and replaced. A test-drive was driven and there was NOT a problem with our transmision. The technician recommended cleaning the engine that was coated in coolant (as a result of the leak). We agreed to the cleaning.

$1100, four days, and a little bit of stress later, our car is drivable.

Thank you. Thank you for your hard, FAST work. Thank you for caring for our old car. Thank you for answering all of my questions and understanding when I changed my mind about what I wanted to do and when.

Thank you.

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