Thursday, August 26, 2010


This week has been full of highs and lows. Nothing has been ordinary or part of the status-quo.

The week's lows include:

1. K face planting on the sidewalk in front of our house on Sunday afternoon. She has a scratched up nose to show for the fall.

2. three nights of terrible sleeping. K was up most of Sunday night - crying, whining, sweating, screaming, being all around grumpy. Turns out three of her molars (2 year) are coming in.

3. rushing to school Monday morning after a night of very little sleep only to find out my 9am class was canceled.

4. a failed attempt to make chick-pea mushroom burgers last night. The recipe (which I couldn't find online and therefore tried to remember) ended up producing a chick-pea mushroom cake. I tried to make burgers, but they burned terribly and I burned my finger. D ended up baking all of the batter in the oven. It looked terrible. It was a dense, protein-filled bake. D said it is our own version of Lembas bread.

5. two failed running attempts - Monday evening and Tuesday morning. I have really slacked on my marathon training this week.

On the flip-side, this week has had some GREAT moments:

1. my new camera (new-to-me) arrived. I am so excited to start using it - if only I could find my SD card (K has hidden it).

2. I made homemade gnocchi this week and it was great. Definitely makes up for the burgers disaster.

3. K and I secured passports for ourselves and they will arrive before our trip abroad.

4. I submitted my general research plan for my dissertation. Here's hoping it is approved on September 9th.

5. ran a stellar 4 mile race yesterday. Finished running up a huge hill. Final time: 33:06 (8:15 per mile) and it felt SO GOOD!

6. K slept until 6 this morning and I forgot to set my alarm. I slept for 7.5 glorious hours with little interruption!


WASPY GIRL said...

I wish I had the D90. I have the D60, and it's ok, but the D90 is much less, uh, limiting. Maybe that's not the word.

Sarah said...

Glad you got the camera! Give it a little hug for me. :)

B is sleeping poorly too. Let's DEFINITELY sit next to each other when they are accepting their Nobel Prizes. :)