Friday, January 29, 2010

"Passing on your left"

This past weekend D and I went out on an 8 mile TOGETHER.

We haven't been out on a run together since July. My mom is to thank for allowing us to get out together. She came to visit this past weekend and she loves spending time with K. And K loves spending time with her. And I love, love, love the company and the help. While my mom was in town I was able to: go for a mid-day run instead of a 6am run on Friday, go out to dinner with friends and my husband (stayed out until midnight!), and go for an 8 mile run with D. It was lovely.

Running with D is one of my favorite things to do. And it has been since early on in our relationship.

Soon after we started dating, I realized that I *really* liked D. We had a lot in common, shared a lot of the same values and beliefs, and had a lot of fun together on our early dates. But I did have two concerns. First, I was worried that he wasn't athletically-stimulating. A couple of months before starting to date D, I had finished my first triathlon and my competitive/determined drive was in full force. I was ready to take on a marathon and more triathlons. I didn't want, nor could I, date a lazy bum. What if D didn't like to exercise? Or worse, what if he wasn't supportive of my crazy disciplined life that includes morning runs, summer swimming, running errands (and truly running)? My second concern was a little more superficial... I was worried that my calf muscles would be bigger than his. In college I dated a tall skinny guy and while walking up a hill with the sun behind us one afternoon I realized how much bigger my calf muscles were than his. Years of pull-jumps, flip turns and swimming produced some big calf muscles. And this guy had skinny legs. I didn't like how our legs looked together and so I vowed never to date a guy with skinner legs than me.

So what if D wasn't athletically stimulating? And what if he had really skinny legs?

My fears were put to rest on our third date... he invited me over to his house for dinner. He cooked a four course meal, complete with salmon and a wonderful ice-cream dessert. When he welcomed me into his apartment, he was in shorts (it was January). And my fear of skinny legs was immediately put to rest. He had nice muscular legs; calves were definitely bigger than mine. Thank God! Before we ate he gave me a quick tour of his place and on his computer table I spotted a picture of him running the National Marathon! Thank you, Jesus. The man runs!

Within a month or so of dating we decided to train for the Marine Corps Marathon together. And so began our love of running together. I've really missed coming home from school and waiting for D to go for a run. Or getting up on Saturday, going for a run, and then cooking a big breakfast together.

Needless to say, our Saturday run together this past week was a highlight of the year for me!

When D met me on our front porch to leave for the run this past Saturday, he was wearing a black running shirt, topped with a white t-shirt, black running shorts, and smurf blue long underwear. He was a site to behold. As we approached the entrance to Rock Creek Park, a small group of runners entered the park with us. They were decked out in all of their cold-weather running gear. D is so anti-gear. He couldn't help but to make a comment about their expensive pants, socks, handwarmers, hats, backpacks full of water. He truly believes its about the running; not the gear. I agree to a point. But I like non-cotton clothing and a cute running skirt never hurts - it's nice to feel cute while you're running 26.2 miles! And a functioning, non-chaffing sports bra is a necessity.

Anyways, D joked about "passing on your left" as we ran past this group of runners with all their gear. The gear definitely does not make you a real runner; nor does it make you faster. The folks we pasted were posers! It was so enjoyable listening to D brag about his blue long-johns. It was also nice to hear him talk about feeling so good while out running. It was so great to be out enjoying the day and the run with him.

As spring approaches, we're hoping to get out more together with K. Our jogging stroller has been sitting in our sunroom collecting dust this past winter. The weather has been too cold. But as soon as spring breaks and it's not too cold for her to be outside with us, be on the look out for us. You'll know us by:

our lack of gear;
the blue long-johns;
and the big smiles on our faces.

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nora said...

I love it - for Eric, running is ALL about the gear :) His watch tells him every aspect of his run, from his elevation to his heart rate... I wouldn't be surprised if that watch could figure out what he ate for breakfast. His fancy tights cost well over $100. He does manage to find his shoes for under $100 though, and he doesn't have a camelbak, just a waterbottle with a hand strap. :) He has his headlamp for when he's out kickin' it at 4 am three mornings a week... facewarmer, two kinds of running gloves, running mittens, hat with earphones built in, you name it. And the physical therapy bills are the ultimate running accessory :) Good for you for keeping it simple!