Friday, March 27, 2009


I love sugary candies --- NERDS, gummy fish, sweattarts, jellybeans, you name it. Jellybeans are probably my favorite candy. I love them, but only a few select brands. I don't like any jelly bean that tastes like anise. I like the fruity flavored jellybeans and I am VERY particular about which ones I will eat.

Smuckers (the jelly makers) Jellybeans, which are so hard to come by, are the best jellybeans I have ever had. Seriously, they are so good. They used to be easy to find year-round. A few years back I could only find them around Easter time. And, now, well... I cannot find them anywhere. Target doesn't even carry them. I am really bummed. I look forward to Smuckers Jellybeans this time of year. I'm not giving up hope and am going to check the local CVS over the weekend to see if they carry the Smuckers brand.

My second favorite brand of jellybeans is Starburst. They were easy to come by at the Target and were on sale for $2 a bag. I'm enjoying some right now as a pre-dinner snack. Thankfully, Starburst Jellybeans are vegan (according to The Vegan Lunch Box). I say this because I'm nearly finished eating a full bowl of them and didn't even think to look at the ingredients to be sure they do not contain dairy or eggs.

Tonight: we are going to watch the final episode of Top Chef. I still do not know who wins. I'm hoping it is either Carla or Hosea. And I'm really hopeful that Fabio will win fan-favorite. I've loved him from the moment he exclaimed, "This is Top Chef; not Top Scallop." He's adorable!

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Becky said...

Dude! Totally looking for the Smuckers jellybeans down here in Tampa for you, but no luck yet :( Will let you know if I find anything...