Sunday, September 28, 2008


My due date has come and gone, and I haven't had a single contraction. Nope... not a one. I spent yesterday feeling sorry for myself. I am so ready to not be pregnant. I allowed myself 24 hours to just feel blah. I wasn't thinking about the fact that I haven't met the little person growing inside of me or the fact that I still don't know if it is a boy or girl. Instead I spent yesterday dwelling on all the things I want to do as a non-pregnant person. For instance, I'd like to bend over, get up from sitting on the floor without assistance, drink a full glass of wine (or two or three), go out for a run, wear pants without elastic around the waste, see my feet, and paint my toenails, to name a few activities.

Today I forced myself out of my selfish funk and am trying to go with the flow. I'm eating spicy foods and taking brisk walks. I tried drinking raspberry tea. It didn't work, and the taste was so unappealing that I've given it up. Tonight we are going to try acupressure... I found a web site that lists pressure points that are supposed to send you into labor. It's worth a try. The reality is: baby D will come when he or she is ready or I'll be induced next week. I can survive another eight to ten days pregnant, right?

Hopefully I can survive. My blood pressure is a little high these days and the swelling/puffiness in my ankles/feet and hands, as seen below is unsightly.

The line on my ankles caused by my socks occurred during church this morning. I had on what I thought were a loose-fitting pair of cotton socks. It looks like they were cutting off my circulation. My toes do look like little sausages. I have three pairs of shoes (including the ugly green Birkenstocks pictured here) that fit. I can't wait to wear my other shoes again. And I haven't worn my wedding or engagement ring in ages. As you can see I can barely get it past the nail on my ring finger. The puffiness in my fingers has spread to my hands and wrists. I had to loosen by watchband last night because my watch was cutting off circulation to my hand. Hopefully I won't have to remove it permanently.


WASPy Girl said...

Wow! That picture of your ankle is truly amazing.

Your Birks and socks look very crunchy BTW.

SARAH said...

Thinking about you!

Emily said...

Hi Becky:
I thought I never had one contraction, until they induced me. But, once they started I realized that I was having them for like weeks, I just had no idea what they felt like, and they were not too intense. Ended up I went to the doctor and he told me I was already dilated 4 cm, so they brought me in to really start it by inducing me.
It'll happen! Enjoy your last days of quiet, but get excited for what fun is to come!
Good luck