Saturday, September 20, 2008


You know you've lived in the city for awhile (and are overly cautious/concerned about crime) when you assume that balloons popping at a child's birthday party across the street are gunshots.

Seriously, my neighbors are hosting what appears to be a wonderful birthday party for a child, complete with streamers and balloons. One by one, the balloons on the outside of the house are popping - some by children who find joy in popping balloons and some by the wind blowing the balloons into the railing or brick wall. I've heard about four or five pop in the past hour and each time my initial thought has been, "GUNFIRE."

Am I a pessimist or a cautious city dweller????


Tonight: I'm home right now reading a statistics book. David is out celebrating the completion of his triathlon with his guy friends. We're going to meet up later and have dessert together.

Health: My heartburn is unbelievably bad tonight. I've had two cups of ginger tea and have no relief. Baby, it time for you to drop and come out. I cannot take the heartburn much longer.

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