Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's a new year. A new semester is about to begin. And it's a new look for SLOWLY GROWING OLD TOGETHER. After much time away from my blog, I decided it needed a new look/feel and A LOT of focus. I've spent the past three and a half weeks of my winter vacation thinking a lot about focus; not just for my blog, but focus in my life, relationships, activities, and (maybe most importantly) future dissertation research.

The question that I continue to ask myself is: what does it mean to be healthy, wealthy, and wise?

Having recently turned 30 (or celebrated my 30th candycane festival, as Jill has named it) and having a bit of a health scare over the holidays, has forced me to think a lot about my physical health. Diet, exercise, sleep, seeking medical care when needed, and good products to keep away wrinkles and age spots are all important. But I also want a healthy marriage, healthy relationships with my friends, and a healthy community to live in and be apart of.


As a graduate student living off a student stipend, the word wealth is almost funny to say! However, I have been blessed with so much in terms of material goods and I am so grateful for the stipend and scholarship I receive. How do I steward what I have been given well? And not think that I need/deserve more? David and I took a Crown Ministries Financial Bible Study class last spring, which revolutionized the way we look, talk, and budget our money. We've made a budget for the new year and are eager to track our spending and stick to our budget.

But what I have and how much I make is not what makes wealthy...In addition to my money and stuff, I have a wealth of friends and family members who I love. I have a wealth of skills and abilities that I need to put to good use. I want to learn to steward all of these things (money, talents, abilities, relationships) well and be appreciative for all that I have been given.

As a PhD student, I'm taking in more information than I know what to do with, and I love it. Achieving my goal of getting into graduate school (again) and working towards my PhD has been life-changing. David says I'm blossoming, and I'm beginning to understand what he means. I love what I am studying and am eager to earn more. I want to make the most of my educational experience and become the best epidemiologist I can be. I also want to learn to be a better wife, friend, listener, marathon runner, and hostess, among other things. Wisdom isn't just taught at school.

And so, as I slowly grow old together with David, I hope to share with you my experiences, observations, and lessons learned as I attempt to uncover the true meaning of what it means for me to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.


Sarah said...

Becky, what a beautiful post!

Jill said...

Yes, your post was very well thought out. I like the new focus and new background.

I also like Crown Financial Ministries. I listen to their "Money Matters" radio program. Do you have the Crown Money Map? They always talk about that thing.