Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sunday evening we gave Chai, the cat, a bath. He was starting to stink - sort of like something old and musty - and stinking cat makes for a disgruntled and sick Becky.

David decided that Sunday would be the day. He took Chai down to the basement with a bottle of nice smelling shampoo (complete with conditioner) for a bath. As the water starting running, I asked David what I could do to help and he responded, "go get the camera." So as David shampooed and Chai yelped in what sounded like agony, I took pictures and made a couple of home videos. was the perfect way to start the week: a sweet smelling cat (and watching/listening to him yelping was really fun, too).


In other news, school is really busy this semester and I'm wiped out. Tonight I'm going to enjoy a spaghetti and (veggie) meatballs dinner before heading to bed. Tomorrow I start my second research rotation. This rotation I'll be focusing on MRSA. Hope to have some stories about the nasty bacteria to share with y'all...

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Sarah said...

MRSA is freaking crazy everywhere. Let me know what you learn.