Tuesday, October 23, 2007


No time to blog; MUST STUDY.

Yesterday was my epidemiology midterm. Today is Health Survey Research Methods. Next week I have a research proposal for Health Survey Research Methods due and have yet to pick a topic or begin researching. Also next week I have to make a presentation on the epidemiology of the Salk polio vaccine trials and steps towards global eradication of polio.

And I have a large problem set for statistics due on Thursday.


Last night was a late night (after midnight and awake before 6am) - so late that I made a pot of coffee this morning and brought my sippy cup (READ: travel mug) with me to school. For years I've been so proud that I don't NEED to drink coffee in the morning; rather I can enjoy a cup socially or reward myself after a long day of work or studying. This morning I NEEDED a cup. Sorta' feel like I'm an addict (and a failure for not being able to stay awake and focus on my own), but also realized that I need to be awake to study this morning and for my exam this afternoon (1-4pm).

Prayers that I can grasp the information, focus, and stay awake would be appreciated.


Jill said...

My mom received a polio vaccine directly from Jonas Salk (I think at the Watson Home in Sewickley) when she was a little girl.

Becky said...

SHUT-UP! That is awesome.

For this project, we were encouraged to pick a topic that we had/have a personal interest/attachment to. I chose polio because of the Pittsburgh connection. My high school nurse was a nursing student at Pitt in the 1950s and she worked for Dr. Salk and administered the shots during the clinical trial.