Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Last week my college roommate, Jill, posted an entry on her blog about how trashy the Washington Redskins cheerleaders are. To quote Jill, "their skimpy bikini-uniforms were almost pornographic." Jill's entry reminded me of how much I don't like cheerleaders. Like Jill, I'm proud to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan because (among other reasons) the team does not have cheerleaders.

After reading Jill's post, an article in yesterday's Washington Post Express' Fit Section caught my eye... The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders are taking their show on the road (so to speak)... They are now teaching cheerleading fitness classes at various Washington Sports Clubs around the city. Decked out in their skimpy bikini shorts and tight shirts, they are teaching cheerleading in exercise classes. According to the article, "Members of the squad are taking their show to local Washington Sports Clubs for a handful of workshops where anyone (female or male) can learn the secrets of their struts... Their revealing gear — tight white hot pants, knee-high white boots and skinny black T-shirts — shows the stunning end result of at least two grueling, four-hour practices each week."


Do people really pay for this kind of stuff? The article in the Express closed with an interview with one of the male participants in the cheerleading class at the Bethesda Washington Sport's Club. He said, "No French guy would pass up this opportunity, even if I am making a fool of myself."

Are these women proud of what they do? are objectifying yourself!

In conclusion, I will not be taking a class at the Washington Sports Club. I'm going to stick to my gym on the 9th Floor of the Pratt Street Parking Garage in Baltimore.

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Jill said...

That's so terrible.