Saturday, June 16, 2007


During the past school year, my friend, Andrea, and I have been hosting a monthly game night for the youth group at our church. In September, we split the kids into five teams, and they have been competing against one another for nine months. This past Tuesday was the year-end competition...

We asked the teams several trivia questions - testing their knowledge of each other, the adult volunteers, their youth pastor, and what they learned throughout the year. There were also a handful of physical challenges. The first required each team to dropped 24 mentos into a two liter of diet coke. (For those of you who don't know what happens when you mix diet coke and mentos, check this out!). The goal of this physical challenge was for each team to capture as much diet coke in a cup from their team's fountain.

The second physical challenge was a race...each team was given three bananas, and they had to peel the bananas (without injuring them) with their feet. What a sight to behold. We learned that peeling a banana with your feet is really a two person job. Teamwork was required to win this challenge. We then offered bonus points for each banana that was eaten. GROSS!

In other news:

Only four more days of work in the office and three at a conference in Atlantic City. Summer vacation is almost here!

I didn't get a spot in the NYC marathon. Bummer! I'm hopeful that I can get a spot from craigslist or ebay in the coming weeks.

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