Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Classes haven't even begun and yet my to-do list is a mile long. I have so many letters of recommendation to write for students that I barely have time to get my own stuff done. And I am prepping for two new classes this semester. To say that I am looking forward to the spring of 2015 is an understatement; it will be the first time in my academic career when I don't have a single new course prep. PTL!

Though the to-do lists are long and the demands on my time endless, I love my job. I love teaching, learning, working with students, researching, and trying new things. 

I am so grateful for my job; for the opportunities it has provided me; for supportive colleagues; for a supportive partner; for great students; and for an exciting semester ahead of me.

Here's hoping I can check a few of these items off before bedtime...


J. said...

Wow. So, answer me this. When do you have time to get all of your work done? I am struggling! I know I haven't hired enough help. And Josh works long hours. But I am genuinely curious.

Also, I just ordered this planner, and I'm SUPER EXCITED to get it. Your to-do list reminded me of it.

slowly growing old together said...

J-that planner is beautiful. I'd be worried about making it ugly with all of my crazy lists.

I am definitely not an expert on getting things done, but I've moved from a state of STRUGGLING (last academic year) to keeping my head above water. Several things that have helped me... 1) early morning exercise - I'm a better mom and teacher if I feel good about myself and take out my rage on the road/spin bike; 2) getting out of the house early -- I leave before the bus comes 4/5 mornings per week. D has all the kid/home responsibilities in the AM, except for the one morning a week when he has a staff meeting. Do do afternoons; 3) 4-8pm is kid time: no iPhone, no work and my students know this; 4) office set up -- I set up my office with a computer desk and a work desk - when I'm grading, reading, etc... I do it away from my computer; 5) plenty of care for C -- K can handle being independent at home or in my office; C not so much - we try to limit his time in day-care, but it is available when we need it. Knowing I don't need to rush to get hime is liberating. I'll write a longer post!

J. said...

Thank you! This is super helpful. Yes, you should write a longer post.