Monday, September 3, 2012


I officially started training for the Richmond Marathon during the first week of June.

Since then I have run a total of 335 miles.

Aside from two major falls: one resulting in a sprained ankle and the other resulting in a major blow to my pride (nothing like falling on your face into mud and coming up a bloody mess), my training has been spectacular.

My longest run to date was an 18 miler two weekends ago. It was a fantastic run (minus the fact that on the out-and-back run I didn't go out as far as I needed to and ended up having to tack on an extra mile at the end).

In two weeks I'll do my first of three 20+ mile runs.

I'm feeling great.

I'm also surprised that I've run so many miles. I'm thankful that I'm not injured.

Here's to two more months of excellent, injury-free training...

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