Monday, August 24, 2009


Summer is officially over. Today was the first day of school (thankfully I'm only taking one class this semester). The past few months have gone by so quickly. We've been really busy during the last few weeks of summer...

-- D traveled to Taiwan to visit his mother and brother.

-- I traveled with K to Pittsburgh.

-- We spent last week at the beach with friends.

-- Marathon training continues.

-- I have selected a dissertation topic and am aiming to write my general research plan in the next six weeks.

-- K is growing by leaps and bounds and is doing new things every day.

In an attempt to organize all of the events of the past few weeks, I'm going to devote my next posts to vacations, school, marathon training, new things at our house, and K.

Stay tuned...


Bummer: our card reader for our camera is broken so I cannot download pictures from my camera to the computer. Pictures of the past few weeks will be not be available for a few more days.

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