Monday, October 6, 2008


My body is still showing no signs of going into labor naturally. So it is induction time. I'm leaving for the hospital in an hour and a half. Surprisingly, I'm not anxious. I'm really not feeling a whole lot right now - kinda' just numb. No excitement, anticipation, fear, concern, anticipation. NOTHING. Guess I'm just saving it all up. That or my body - physically and emotionally - has no idea what it is in for and therefore is just trying to ignore reality. We'll see...

I still need to pack my hospital bag, put clean sheets on the bed, vacuum, move the car so it doesn't get ticketed tomorrow morning, and do a load of laundry (unlike Jill, I am not fighting FEMCHA today). I also need to write some directions and other instructions for my parents, who arriving 24 hours ahead of schedule.

All the excitement at the hospital kicks off at 5pm. My doctor has guaranteed me a baby by dinnertime tomorrow. I'm aiming for noon. And, for the record, David and I both think we're having a boy.


Things I think are important to have at the hospital: deodorant, season 1 of ALIAS, lollipops, toothbrush and toothpaste, and cute socks (to go with my glamorous hospital gown).

Things I'm not taking: my own pillow (don't want it to become infected with hospital germs).

What Baby D will be wearing home from the hospital: his/her Steelers onesie!

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