Monday, August 18, 2008


For the past two weeks David has been in Taiwan visiting his mother and brother. I decided not to go with him this year - even though I missed out on all the wonderful times being with family and eating delicious Taiwanese food. I had two basic reasons for not wanting to go to Taiwan this year: 1) a 14 hour plane ride during my third trimester sounded uncomfortable (and possibly dangerous); and 2) I feared going into labor in a country where I don't speak or read the language. So I stayed home, in the USA. I did, however, leave DC and spent a fun-filled week in Pittsburgh.

My vacation in Pittsburgh centered around hanging out with friends and family and watching the Olympics. I even attended an Olympic-themed birthday party!

While driving back to DC after a week living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, it occurred to me that life in the city is different from life in the suburbs. For instance, in the suburbs:

1. you have to drive basically everywhere. I rarely get in my car more than twice a week in DC (I can walk everywhere I need to go or take the train), but at my parents' house I was driving every day. I even had to drive to go for a walk. Sure I could walk around the neighborhood where my parents' live, but in order to get a 4-5 mile walk in I had to drive to the county park nearby.

2. it is so stinking quiet. There were no police sirens, no firetrucks speeding down the street at all hours of the night, no loud neighbors, no helicopters flying overhead, NOTHING. Just silence and the chirping of birds and the squeaks of crickets.

3. it is so stinking dark. I was able to see stars, even full constellations. There was very little light pollution, like we have in DC.

4. animals, such as deer and bunnies, do actually live outside of the zoo. My parents' backyard is home to several bunnies and deer cross the street late at night. There were no rats what-to-speak-of; however, the raccoons are mischievous.

Despite the differences between urban and suburban living, there are wonderful people living in both places. I had a great time in the Pittsburgh area hanging out with my mom and dad as well as my friend, Bethann and her family. I also got to visit with some other friends I haven't spent much time with in years. It was so enjoyable. Upon returning to DC, I was greeted my a friendly neighbor who helped me unload my car. On Saturday, David and I spent nearly an hour outside just talking with and catching up with folks on our street and on Saturday night we got together with friends we haven't seen in several weeks.



Weight gain: I didn't gain a pound between mid-June and mid-July (seriously, I went four weeks and didn't gain any weight). That all changed between mid-July and mid-August... I gained 8 pounds (almost 9 if you want to get technical). I'm definitely feeling BIG. I'm unable to wear my wedding ring and about 75 percent of my shoes.

David: is back from Taiwan and is recovering from jet-lag. He had a wonderful time with his family.

Baby: thankfully is head-down (I was convinced for weeks that he/she was breech). Do take the time to cast your vote - is Baby Dawson a boy or a girl?

My Jetta: earlier this summer my car turned eight. And two weeks ago with just over 63,000 miles I had to put new front brakes on her FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. She's been such a wonderful car!


SARAH said...

Holy moly, Beck! I can't believe you're 34 wks already! I'd love to see another belly picture! I'm sure you're adorable.

WASPy Girl said...

I love spending a week in Pittsburgh every summer. Though, to me Cranberry is extremely urban compared to Winchester.