Friday, March 28, 2008


Our cat has either diabetes or an unquenchable thirst problem. No matter how much water we leave for him during the day, it is never enough. There's been evidence (wet toilet seat, splashing noises, and wet cat) that he's been drinking from the toilet. Pictured above is what I caught him doing the other day. When I first came upon him, he had his front paws in the bowl and was lapping the water right up. By the time I got my camera, he had moved to the toilet seat and was dipping his paw in and licking the water from it.

Note to self: don't kiss our cat!

Any thoughts or medical advice? Is kitty diabetes a possibility? Chai is over-weight (big boned); type II diabetes is possible, at least in my mind.


Jill said...

That cat is HUGE!

Carla said...

cats can get diabetes. in fact, i had a friend who actually had to give her cat insulin injections. we thought elmo had diabetes...a simple blood test will confirm it. ask your vet. fyi...elmo has passed on...sad, but true.